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Studio Segments


Studio Segments is a venture by the pioneer in the field of interior designing material supplier in Bangalore, Swasthik Agencies. Launched in 2016 Studio Segments offers you a wide range of veneers, laminates, plywood, wall coverings, decorative panels, wooden flooring and a lot more.

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May the festival of Deepavali fill your home with radiance, happiness, peace, prosperity, good health and joy. May the coming year provide you with everything that brings you joy and keep you happy. May you in return do good deeds to make the society and world around you a beautiful place filled with happiness. Happy Festivity to you and the world around you.🙏🏼 Best Regards, Studio segment and Team For more info visit us at
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Natural Veneers
Natural Veneers INR 0 INR 0 We bring to you an exotic range of all natural veneers sourced from all around the world. Our collection of veneers covers a wide range in designer and natural grains ranging in teak, ash, sapeli, walnut, burl, oak and more. True 1473927070
Designer Laminates
Designer Laminates INR 0 INR 0 Studio Segments brings to you an international range of designer laminates inspired from all around the world. Made with materials sourced from Europe, Segments is a brand name that adds a touch of luxury, class and extraordinaire to your environment. Segments takes its inspiration from various cultures and designs from around the world, bringing to you top-class laminates. Our laminates come in various series, each one different from the other and each speaking for itself. For example, our 'Earth' series has taken its inspiration from the Earth, close to nature, with earthen colours and designs. Our 'Le Fab' series takes its inspiration from Spain, made of art leather adding the right amount of luxury to your ambiance. Similarly, we offer to you over fifteen different series such as: Forest Earth Cuero Extra Nature Geo Spring Splash Europa Lino Caesar Skin Actullo Kablino Le Fab Jungle And many more Our range of premium laminates also includes the international catalog by SIBU. SIBU is a luxury brand from Austria, bringing class in the form of decorative sheets in metal, suede, leather and others. There are over 150 designs to choose from in SIBU alone. Apart from our premium collection we also deal in brands such as Green, Century, Merino, Samrat and others. True 1473156587
Plywood & Solid Wood
Plywood & Solid Wood INR 0 INR 0 Official distributors of Samrat plywood, one of the top 5 brands in the country, The plywood is made of high quality material with all tests passed and with a grading of BWP IS 710. Below mentioned are the options available: BWP IS 710 BWR IS 303 MR IS 303 Block Boards (pine) Flexi Ply MDF & HDF Flushdoor. Apart from plywood we also have solid wood sheets that can be used to make furniture, wooden floorings, wall panels and more. These are available in: Walnut Wenge Ash Teak Pine Rubber Wood. Solid Wood Tops: Imported from Africa, solid wood tops are nothing less than a piece of art and investment to your space. Available in different sizes and shapes these tops can be used as table tops for dining tables, coffee tables, head rests, sliding doors, swings, shelves.. Quite possibly for anything even beyond one can imagine. True 1474008762
Wallpaper INR 0 INR 0 Our wallpapers range in a wide variety, From modern contemporary, traditional designs, 3D designs, fabric with leather to crystal studded wallpapers. We also do customized wallpapers and murals. True 1473930827
Wall Coverings
Wall Coverings INR 0 INR 0 Studio Segments brings to you a variety of products for wall coverings. Decorative panels made of various natural materials like coconut shells, bamboo, cinnamon plant, mother-of-pearl, charcoal, cork and more. We also deal in various translucent options like acrylic, alabaster, stone veneer among others. Apart from the above mentioned options we also deal in 3D panels, textured and grilled MDF and PVC boards, leather panels, wallpapers, designer veneers which can beautifully turn your simple wall into a fine-looking piece of art. True 1474006369
Wooden Flooring
Wooden Flooring INR 0 INR 0 Wooden floorings these days come in various forms namely, laminated wooden flooring, vinyl flooring, engineered wooden flooring, solid wood flooring & deck flooring. While laminated, vinyl and engineered flooring are a safe option for indoors, solid wood and deck flooring are the best options for outdoors. Wooden flooring are available in a variety of shades and grain patterns. True 1476427559
Highlighters INR 0 INR 0 Every home needs a little bit of highlight to make the decor look unique and beautiful. Highlighters beautifully enhance the look of your furniture and give your space a luxurious feel.. Today, there are many forms of highlighters available with us like- mosaics made up of glass, wood, mother-of-pearl, leather, a mix of any of the two mentioned above, cork and a lot more like charcoal, acrylic, pre-foamed leather sheets. These highlighters can be used for wall coverings as well. True 1476429611
Hardware INR 0 INR 0 To cater to all your interior products needs we also bring to you hardware accessories and fittings of all kinds. Handles, locks, hinges, profiles, and more. We also deal in all Hafele fittings and accessories. True 1476430358
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